Will my phone fit in a FlipBelt?

As FlipBelt’s are made from a stretchy fabric, they have the capacity to hold any size phone, even the huge Plus Phones and Galaxy’s. For larger phones we recommend the FlipBelt Zippered Edition. The zippered pouch isn’t made for phones, rather the Zippered Edition is our widest belt. This means that the larger phones slide into the tubular section of the belt more easily. Having a Non-Slip phone case is totally recommended, as the Non-Slip Cases work beautifully with the FlipBelt fabric and ensure extra security for your phone. Zip Lock or aLoksak bags (waterproof bags we sell in the accessories section), also add extra friction to your phone, with the added advantage of keeping your phone dry.


What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

Having a 100% customer satisfaction policy, you’re never stuck with a belt. If FlipBelt doesn’t work for you, we will be more than happy to do a return or exchange for unworn items with original packaging. We always recommend to have a ‘run around the house’ (with tags on) to test your new purchase. If you have any questions at all, regarding size, style, or how to use your new FlipBelt, please call us. We know our products inside out, and can help you with any questions you have. We’re located in Mooloolaba, Queensland and can be reached on our toll free number, 1800 047 494.


What is the difference between the FlipBelt Zipper and the FlipBelt Classic Edition?

There are some main differences between the Zipper and Classic FlipBelt’s. Firstly, the Classic Edition FlipBelt was our original design. It is a narrower belt than the Zipper Version, as over time, phones have become larger in size, hence the need to widen our belts. We have also made the Zipper version wider so that a passport will fit completely flat. The Classic is a good choice if you have a smaller sized phone, and if you don’t tend to carry lot’s of small items, like coins and sleek cards. The Classic has the advantage of being able to hold more water bottles, as it doesn’t have a section that is ‘cordoned off/zippered’. This is why we sell the Classic version in our ‘Hydration Bundle/Pack’. The Zipper FlipBelt is incredibly versatile, as not only is it an amazing exercise belt, it is also a brilliant Travel Belt (no buckles ensures that you can wear it against your skin). The Zipper version is the best choice if you have a very large phone as the belt is wider in width and phones slide into the tubular section of the FlipBelt more easily. It’s also a great choice if you tend to carry small items such as coins, sleek cards, chapstick, etc. The Zipper version does have less capacity for bottles. We recommend that you can fit a phone, 1 x large bottle and 1 x small bottle into the tubular section of the Zipper Belt.


There are so many styles NEW FlipBelt Styles! How do I work out what the main differences are between the belts, and which one might be best for me?

Make sure you check out our Style Guide. Our Style Guide is a one page summary of the features of each belt. If you’re still stuck on what FlipBelt style or version is best for you, then call or email us! We are located in Mooloolaba, QLD (yes, we’re an Australian Small Business!)  and will happily chat over the phone, or via email, to assist you.


How do I know what size to choose?

Our number one tip on sizing is to choose via your usual Australian Pant or Jean size. There is a column on the size guide which shows the AU Pant size sizing recommendations. Don’t get too caught up on the measurements.

How snug you want the belt to fit depends on the type of activity you wish to undertake while wearing your FlipBelt. For example, Runners tend to love a really firm fit, whereas those who are doing low impact exercise like walking or gardening, tend to want the belt to be less firm. The biggest compliment we receive from our customers is that they often forget they’re wearing their FlipBelt because it’s so comfortable!

Our Elite Belts do fit slightly smaller than the other FlipBelt models, which we have noted in the product description, so please keep this in mind when ordering.


What if I buy something that doesn’t fit?

Yep, just incase you get the size wrong, you can return it hassle free! All return items need to be in original condition, unworn and with their tags still attached. Please call or email our Customer Service Team – 1800 047 494 or info@flipbeltaustralia.com and speak with us about the most convenient way to send back your garment and have a new garment sent out. We will send products back out to you for FREE, however, you will be responsible for organising the return postage back to us! See our Returns Page for further details.


What payment methods do you offer?

We accept both MasterCard and Visa, as well as PayPal. Our secure online payment facility for both Credit Card payments and also PayPal payments is owned and operated by PayPal, so you do have peace of mind that we use a very reputable payment gateway online.


How quickly do you post and what postal service do you use?

We are ridiculously quick! If you place your Online order prior to 1pm, it will dispatch that day! We send via Australia Post and the product is shipped from Queensland, so depending on your location in Australia, it could take between 1 and 10 working days. If you would like your parcel to be super quick, we recommend paying $10 for the Express Post Service.

The Standard/Free Postage option uses a trackable standard postage service. Express Post is also a trackable service.  Please see our shipping section for further details on postage options. You can always contact us if you have a postage special request or question.


Do you ship to New Zealand?

We sure do Bro! Our shipping is as fast as we can make to New Zealand (we love our Kiwi neighbours), and best of all our prices are GST Free for international Orders too! That’s essentially 10% off – sweet as!

There are three two postage options available for New Zealand. Both are trackable services, so that the package can be tracked. Standard NZ delivery with tracking, which is approximately 4-8 working days for $10, with the Express trackable delivery option, approximately 3-5 working days for $25.


Is FlipBelt waterproof?

The Elite FlipBelt features a water resistant section, while all other FlipBelt’s are not waterproof. The polyester/lycra material allows the belt to wick up sweat and dry quickly. If you wear your FlipBelt where it is in contact with your skin, depending on the amount of sweat your produce, it may soak through. We recommended putting your electronics into a zip lock bag before placing them into the belt if you have concerns of sweat or water damaging your valuables. We stock aLOKSAK resealable element-proof* storage bags featuring a hermetic seal, check them out by clicking here.


Is there a retail store in my area?

For a list of our retail stores please check out our retailers page. We are a new company so we are still in the process of distributing our product. If you see that FlipBelt is not sold in your area you can always recommend our product to your favorite retailer!


Is carrying small items secure?

When FlipBelt’s are worn and used correctly, they are very secure.  For small items such as coins, sleek cards, chapstick, etc., we recommend the Zipper Version FlipBelt. This ensures that small items are kept separate and secure to the larger items, stored in the tubular section of the belt. This is particularly the case for items that are continually being taken in and out of the belt (e.g. phones, gels, water bottles). If you are using the Classic Version FlipBelt, we recommend placing small items in a pouch or wallet (we sell a zipper wallet in the accessories section).  Remember, you can turn your FlipBelt with openings inward to lock items in place. With any new product, you have to get familiar with it. FlipBelt Classic has four openings, two in the front and back. FlipBelt Zipper has 3 openings and a Zipper section. We highly recommend wearing and testing the belt before your activity so you get familiar with where the openings are and how your items work with the belt.


How do I return something I’m not happy with?

If you aren’t thrilled with your purchase (which we can’t even imagine!), you can return it within 100 days to receive a refund of the product. The Product must be as new with tags still attached.

More often than not, if you call our Customer Service Team (1800 047 494), they’ll be able to talk over the phone with you to determine what is not right about your current order… the fit?, the colour?… and be able to suggest a suitable product in which to exchange it for. We know our product inside out and are very good at ensuring you get the perfect product with the perfect fit!


Lucky me I have 2 gift certificates! I’d like to use them both on a single purchase, how can I use them both?

You are so lucky! Not only do you have more than one gift certificate BUT you can also use them both on a single purchase. All you have to do is either call Customer Service on 1800 047 494 or email and let them know what the multiple codes are so they can be merged into one! Easy as pie and a fabulous shopping experience for you! This applies to any number of gift certs.


EEK! I need my FlipBelt for this coming weekend! Can you help me?

Don’t fret. FlipBelt is here for you! Place your order by 1pm and we can Express Post it to you! And don’t hesitate to call us if you need some extra personal service on 1800 047 494.