Gym time | FlipBelt Australia

Hitting the gym? Doing a class? Weights? Circuit training? Bootcamp? Need some tunes to get through leg day? An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle but all the things we need to carry with us while working out these days makes exercising more complicated and cumbersome. Where do you keep you keys, phone, ID, cash and cards, headphones, passport, etc.? Even if you can stash your keys and stuff in a locker where do you put your music and headphones? Running armbands don’t fit everything and running pouches bounce uncomfortably. The FlipBelt fitness belts easily fits all your items – including large phones like the iPhone 6 – and stays flat on your waist without riding up or chaffing. Perfect!!

Most people use a variety of accessories while exercising in order to keep their stuff safe, not to mention secure. Bouncing keys constantly jabbing at you doesn’t help you focus, after all! Unlike traditional belts where a pouch is sewn onto a strap and a fastener, FlipBelt is an entire tubular pocket allowing plenty of room for all your goodies. With no buckles to cause uncomfortable chafe, simply pull it on like a pair of pants, place over or under clothes, and easily slide in your stuff through the multiple openings around the belt. The even design virtually eliminates belt bounce and movement during activity for the most comfortable experience. Superior stretch/recovery, flat seam & minimal construction provides the ultimate comfort, most don’t feel it on at all.