Million Mile Light



Powered By Motion

This is the next generation of our battery-free light, designed to keep you visible to traffic when you run, walk, hike – or when you’re doing anything active outdoors. Million Mile Light is an ultra bright, battery-free safety light that’s powered by motion and engineered to never give up. The Million Mile Light creates a pulse of light with every stride or step, keeping you visible and safe in low-light situations. How’s it different from other lights? Simple. No batteries required. That’s right, the movement from your motion powers the LED lights so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or losing power in the dark. All lights are a white LED, except for the red Million Mile Light which is a red LED. Also, the water resistant casing will protect it from the elements and it only weighs 49 grams! The best part, it goes perfectly with your FlipBelt. Let there be light!


5 year warranty

Our lights are built to last, we guarantee each light for a million miles or 5 years. Simply put, if your light lets you down, we won’t. Contact us and we will send you a replacement light.

Battery free

Just clip it on and go outside knowing that you’ll be visible when you move… and of course, it never requires charging or needs expensive batteries.



Powered by even the slightest movement; so it works for everyone, even kids, and dogs.
With a full IPx6 water resistance rating, our new MML is fully life proof and will even survive a washing machine.
Adjustable clip design and shock bungee fastener, it attaches in a multitude of different ways and stays on securely – even through your clothing.
A single MML produces a 180º fan of light and ensures that you can be seen from all angles from up to 200 meters away.


How to set up your Million Mile Light


Additional Information

Red (red LED), White (white LED)