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Runners Visibility Pack

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FlipBelt - Reflective PT Belt

Million Mile Light

Zipper Wallet



Daylight savings might be gone… and the air is definitely a little cooler but that doesn’t mean you have to cut down on your running! The Runners Visibility Pack contains all the new additions to the FlipBelt family – a Million Mile LightReflective Belt and new Zippered Wallet – so you can be seen in low light conditions!

The Million Mile Light creates a pulse of light with every stride or step, keeping you visible and safe in low-light situations. How’s it different from other lights? Simple. No batteries required. That’s right, the movement from your motion powers the LED lights so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or losing power in the dark. All lights are a white LED, except for the red Million Mile Light which is a red LED. Also, the water resistant casing will protect it from the elements and it only weighs 49 grams! Put the Million Mile Light with a Reflective PT Belt to add visibility in the dark, made with high quality moisture wicking micropoly fabric and stretch-friendly, ultra-reflective 3M materials, plu it’s available in yellow or black. The Reflective Belt is even more secure by adding the Zippered Wallet to clip onto the D-ring. This wallet is designed specifically for FlipBelt, featherweight 7g wallet and easily fits cash, cards, coins and anything else you would carry in a wallet. Featuring an integrated D-ring, this wallet clips into any style of FlipBelt via the built-in key hook. Perfect for the winter season!




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FlipBelt - Reflective PT Belt




Black Reflective, Neon Yellow Reflective

Million Mile Light


Red (red LED), White (white LED)