Ultimate Runners Pack


Select your FlipBelt, FlipBelt LED Clip Light and FlipBelt ARC Locking Water bottle for your pack.

FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt


FlipBelt ARC locking water bottles

NEW!  The ultimate running water bottle for rapid and reliable hydration.
The first and only water bottle on the market designed specifically for waist belts. The unique curve of the bottle wraps around your body for a more comfortable and balanced run. Paired with our renowned patented FlipBelt, you get the ultimate hydration solution.

Our water bottles are available in two convenient, portable sizes – 6 oz. (177ml) and 11 oz (325ml).

Dimensions:6oz (177mL) - 5.5 x 2.25 x 1.0 inches
11oz (325mL) - 8.5 x 2.25 x 1.0 inches


The ARC Locking Water Bottle features (when compared to the original FlipBelt Water Bottle);

  • Wider bottle opening which delivers more volume through the locking nozzle. Hydrate faster with stronger water flow.
  • Wider bottle opening enables easier refill of fluids and electrolyte powders.
  • The ARC Locking Lid can be locked or unlocked with a simple twist.
  • NB: The ARC Water Bottle screw lid is not compatible with the Original FlipBelt Water Bottle.

FlipBelt LED Clip Light

NEW! If you prefer to run in the early morning or late at night, a reliable and effective running light is an essential. Visibility for runners is important and the FlipBelt Clip Light has different modes to keep you safe while running in low-light environments. This LED light will illuminate the path ahead and help ensure you're as visible as possible.

Only weighing 31 grams/1.1 ounces, the FlipBelt Clip Light fastens securely to your favourite FlipBelt, shoes or running attire with just a single clip so you don't have to deal with straps or buckles. With 2-11 hours of illumination (depending on mode), you can keep going the distance while letting others know you're there.


The FlipBelt Ultimate Runners Pack contains all the new additions to the FlipBelt family! Made in the USA, the FlipBelt Zipper edition has a secure zipper pocket and is wide enough to accommodate even the largest phones such as the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Our no buckle system and even design makes the FlipBelt the most comfortable belt on the market. Simply step into the belt like a pair of pants and place where it’s most comfortable to you, and forget that you’re wearing it. Easily slide in your essentials through any of the three access points, secure your keys on the sewn-in clip, and place valuables inside the zipper pocket. The Pack also contains the ergonomically designed choice of FlipBelt Water Bottle, in either size. The bottle is shaped to your body curves and slides into any of FlipBelt’s easy access openings. Top off the Ultimate Runner’s Pack with an amazing new light that is powered by motion. That’s right, no batteries needed! The FlipBelt Clip Light is only 31 grams and fastens securely to your favourite FlipBelt, shoes or running attire with just a single clip so you don’t have to deal with straps or buckles. With 11 hours of illumination, you can keep going the distance while letting others know you’re there.

Additional Information

FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt


XXS, XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL


Aqua, Black, Carbon, Hot Pink, White, Summer Limited Edition Print, Ocean Bloom Print, Midnight Blue

FlipBelt ARC locking water bottles


6oz (177mL), 11oz (325mL)

FlipBelt LED Clip Light


One pack